Farm Weather Map and Growing Degree Day Calculator

Built to help you better predict plant and pest development on-farm

Growing Degree Days (GDD) are a measure of heat accumulation based on daily air temperature. In this tool, the GDD is calculated using the basic method, which calculates the daily mean temperature by adding together the max and min temperatures and dividing by two. Using the required base temperature, the base temperature is subtracted from the mean temperature to give you the accumulated GDD.

The web based tool has been designed and tested using the Nova Scotia Farm Weather Station Network and reviewed by Perennia’s Agri-Techology Specialist. It was developed in concert with Cape Breton Mesonet and builds off their useful weather map by incorporating a tool to calculate growing degree days. You have access to the weather data from over 100 on-farm weather stations in Nova Scotia!

  • See all available weather stations and information in one place

  • Add your farm weather stations to see all your data in one place (permitting a recognized brand)

  • Use the simple variable side bar to adjust

  • Compare real-time weather parameters, including temperature, wind speed, and precipitation data from the provincial farm weather station network and other available networks

  • Designed for all producers to use with the ability to calculate site specific GDD accumulation

  • Calculator is not crop or pest specific and can be configured with user-inputs for use with different models

  • GDD calculation method is currently limited to the ‘averaging method’ but may be expanded to include other calculation methods at a later time

This is a free service but requires you to create an account to access. If you already have an account, it will automatically be added to your account for access.