The Nova Scotia Soil Survey and Maps

An easier way to determine soil type on you farm

The Nova Scotia soil surveys provide information on the different soil types across the province. In agriculture, they are often used to identify the soil type and inherent limitations associated with the different soil series. The Nova Scotia soil surveys were published from 1963-1975, where soils were classified based on the Canadian System of Soil Classification.

In this online version created by Perennia, we are delivering the information from the Nova Scotia soil surveys in an easier, user-friendly way that has been tested by our soil and agri-technology specialists.

This soil series map is a responsive web-based map that producers can use to identify their soil series and the properties associated with that series simply by clicking on a location and reading the pop-up.

  • Identify different soil series across Nova Scotia

  • Identify the dominant soil type of different locations

  • Easy-to-use pop-ups with information about each soil type

  • Information about each soil type, including stoniness, slope, texture, and drainage

  • Links to the Government of Canada websites which explain soil characteristics in-depth

  • Convert the base map from a street map to satellite imagery

  • Although the mapping process was extensive, sampling was not performed everywhere, and additional information may be required when assessing your land

  • The information in the map does not account for any management that has taken place since the soil survey

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